from Department Membership Chair
Glynis Seeley-Morris

As many of you have heard, membership is the life blood of any volunteer organization. Our Auxiliary is no different. We need our members. Whether they are very active and show up for every event that is planned, or they are the elderly or stay-at-home Moms that just cannot get out, but they are the ones we count on to send emails or make phone calls. Every member is important.

Our 2023 membership year is upon us. Renewal notices have been mailed. This time of year, is when many of our members have changes, change of address and some other contact information. Please make sure all members information is as up to date as possible.

At the National convention in Milwaukee there was a vote that will increase the National portion of dues per capita by $6.00 per Senior member starting with the 2024 year. The original proposal was for a six dollar increase and one dollar every other year after that to 2030. The incremental increases were taken out of the final amendment presented to the floor for the vote. There was much discussion from the floor on this one. There were multiple changes to the amendment. There was also, a large amount of “No” votes, but the majority went to the votes that passed the change to the $6.00 increase.

Please keep in mind there are some of our members struggling. If your Unit participates in a “pay it forward” type of program please let me know so I can put that in my yearly report for Membership. Does your Unit have an “Angel” that just pays for someone else and wants to keep it anonymous? Let me know about that too.

We do a lot in Nevada. Thank you.

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National Junior Meetings 2022-2023

from Department Junior Activities Chair
Nicky FloresNinmer

If your Junior is 8 years old or older, we want to see them at a national Junior meeting! We are going to meet new friends, do a service project for caregivers, and have tons of fun! The meetings are on a Saturday, one in each ALA division. We cannot wait to see your Junior there! 

Is the Junior meeting right for your Junior?

  • Yes – if they are interested in meeting other Junior members and national leaders outside of their local area who share their passion for helping veterans!
  • Yes – if they want to share great ideas with other Junior members across the country and learn more about what it means to be a member of the American Legion Auxiliary!

Five ALA Mission Trainings and national Junior meetings are planned for 2022-2023. They will be held at the same time and locations throughout the winter and spring. 

Las Vegas, Nevada     
Saturday, February 4, 2023
Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
3555 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Register today to attend the National Junior Meeting

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It’s been said that you don’t know what the flag really means until you’ve been handed a folded one. My family has always been strong on patriotism, honor and sacrifice. My grandfather, Tom, served in World War II. He was my first introduction to The American Legion when I was only 8 or 9. My father, Bruce, became a firefighter on Long Island. My first husband was in the Marines when I married him. I lived as a military wife, living and moving within the confines of Marine Corps air stations across the U.S. We were in Philadelphia during the Bicentennial in 1976. There was a parade and review every Friday night. The symbolism of the flag was front and center every week for all to see. Years later after a divorce, I met and married my second husband. He was a two-tour Vietnam veteran and suffered terribly from PTSD; 20 years later he passed away from the results of Agent Orange. Again, we were a very patriotic couple. We put the flag on our house every day. We participated in many parades, Flag Day ceremonies, and of course American Legion Family activities. When he passed away he was a district commander. His celebration of life couldn’t fit any more people in the room. A friend knelt down in front of me after the 13 folds had been done, and with tears in his eyes and a lump in his throat started to recite: “On behalf of a grateful nation,” and the both of us just started crying. He eventually finished the rest of the recitation. That flag is prominently displayed in my living room. The emotion this invoked is hard to describe. There’s a flood of emotion. Sad your loved one is gone, pride because they served the country with honor. The flag of the United States is a symbol of the great nation. It is not to be stomped on. It is not to be discounted as meaning nothing. It carries the spirit and memories of our loved ones. It is true that being handed a folded flag changes the way you may look at the symbol of the greatest country on Earth. God bless the United States.

by Glynis Seeley

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