Unit Information

Each link below is to a unique, password-protected Unit page. Every page contains the following information:

  • Total Current Membership
  • Membership Goal for the current year
  • Dues Rate
  • Dues Remittal Address
  • Number of Transmittals received by Department
  • List of members who have renewed online (for the current year)
  • Current Credit with Department
  • Current Items Owed to Department
  • Current Officer Information
  • Current Meeting Information

as well as links to forms you can use to update some of this information.

To obtain the password to your Unit page, contact the Department at [email protected]. Passwords will only be given out to designated Unit officers.

White Pine Unit 3

Capital Unit 4

Vernon Robins Unit 5

Reed Gregory Unit 7

Las Vegas Unit 8

Peter Gunn Unit 10

L.D. Lockhart Unit 14

Fred W. Anderson Unit 16

Edward McDaniel Unit 22

Duby Reid Unit 30

Boulder City Unit 31

W.W. Manning Unit 32

Basic Magnesium Unit 40

LCpl Budd M. Cote Unit 51

Richard Springston Unit 60

Spirit of Freedom Unit 76

Paradise Unit 149